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Peaches & Cream Bra

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Product Code: PRREPCIN
  • Smooth under cup
  • Sheer denier top cup with lace overlay
  • Secure and contained, full cup support
  • Padded Shoulder straps (optional)
  • Cushioned back fasteners for extra comfort
  • Machine Washable

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Price promise – if you are not happy we will refund your money within 28 days.

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2 reviews for Peaches & Cream Bra

  1. Pelata Chesters

    Once again I have reordered 2 new Peaches and Cream Optifit bras.
    Yesterday another distinctive Purple envelope dropped through my letterbox. ‘Yes’, 2 new bras that fit perfectly.
    How do I know? In November 2013 after reading an article in the Daily Mail I decided to visit Sue at the Optifit shop and find a bra that fitted ‘ME’. That would be comfortable and give support, that would not have an underwrite to cause me constant pain.
    On my first visit to Sue and being fitted and shown how to wear the new bra I ordered 2 Peaches and Cream and 2 Black bras.
    An expensive outlay you may think, but not for me. It was an investment in comfort, support, and feeling happy not only with my bra but also feeling more confident in how my clothes fitted and being told by friends that something had changed.
    Buying underwear should give pleasure to the person that wares it. My Optifit bras do exactly that!
    Thank you Sue and Optifit.

  2. Lucy Sendall

    Happy wife, happy hubby!

    I have spent years looking for the holy grail in bra construction. I am of the ‘larger lady brigade.’ My boobs have become side boobs, back boobs and even tried to escape bras by sneaking under the the cups when I stretch up. I have scars from underwired bras that have buckled under the strain. My shoulders complain on a daily basis. In short: normal bras are torture.

    Hubby persuaded me to splurge on an Optifit bra. Sooooo glad I did! Shoulders straps that actually stay in place. Boobs no longer pointing in any direction other than forwards. Shoulder pain almost gone. I think that as my posture improves, this too should be eliminated. I am finding that I stand up straighter. (Less hunch backed). Clothes look better too.

    Definitely watch all the videos from start to finish when when first measuring and first fitting/wearing the bra. The videos make things very clear and are easy to follow. After two or three times of putting the bra on, it becomes very easy and quick to do.

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