The Optifit Story The Optifit Story


The Optifit System is completely different from the conventional bra blueprint.

The ‘measurements’ we work to are based on surgical parameters and the science translates into an easy to use, colour-coded measuring strap...Optimeasure, which is the embodiment of this data.

It is not a tapemeasure. It is a fitting band which can only be used to determine your Optifit size.

Please follow the instructions slowly, step-by-step.

We would ask that you go through them more than once to make sure your measurements are correct.

If you have any problems, please contact us:

01457 810628
Body Frame

i.   Feed the end of the Optimeasure between the teeth of the clasp. (fig-1) making sure it is positioned at an angle - the back low and the front directly under the breast (B)...

ii.   Pull the band through the clasp as tight as it will go - so the purple loops on the band are smooth. It will feel very tight. Do not close the clasp just yet (fig-2 and fig-3).

iii.   Take a deep breath. As you inhale, allow the clasp to slide to a wider point...

iv.   When you have fully expanded your ribcage, close the clasp and exhale (fig-4).

v.   The colour or letter is your body frame fit - make a note of this - i.e. Red, Z, Yellow, Y, Green etc (Fig. 5)

Body Depth

i.   Place the clasp at the end of the band onto the top of the shoulder. (fig-1)

ii.   Run the band down the side of the body to the bottom of breast (DO NOT STRETCH IT!). (fig-2)

iii.   MAKE A NOTE OF THE MARK: S, M or L. (Anything up to S is still S) (Fig. 3)

Breast Volume

i.   Put your thumb in the hollow of your armpit and draw a straight line down to a point halfway down the side of the breast. (A) This is the starting point of your breast volume measurement.

ii.   On this point place the end of the Optimeasure (where the elastic joins the clasp).(Fig.1 and A) . With the purple loops to the outside and keeping the band relaxed, lean forward and run the band across the fullest part of the breasts, to the same point on the other side. (Fig.2 and B).

iii.   Make a note of the measurement: 01 to 21. (fig-3)

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