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In order to get the most benefit from your optifit, it is important to wear it correctly. Take your time to follow our 12 steps fitting guide, paying particular attention to Steps 2 and 3. The correct fitting position will ensure that the bra will hug your body and cradle your breast from underneath.

Important Note: ALWAYS, ALWAYS keep the back lower than the front!

Positioning is key
Optifit Fitting Step 1

Step 1

Either fasten the hooks at the front and twist round (Will feel tight!)....OR... if you prefer, fasten the hooks at the back.

Optifit Fitting Step 2

Step 2

Position the back low down under your ribs with no visible bulges! Pull up the front band to sit directly under your breast.

Optifit Fitting Step 3

Step 3

The bottom of the bra MUST be positioned along the breast fold (higher than a normal bra)Take the top cups at straps.

Optifit Fitting Step 4

Step 4

Lean forward and allow each breast to, naturally, fall into its own cup.

Optifit Fitting Step 5

Step 5

Stay leaning forward and gently shake cups to make sure everything is contained.

Optifit Fitting Step 6

Step 6

Do not stand up, but put each shoulder strap on individually.

Optifit Fitting Step 7

Step 7

Stay forward until both straps are in position.

Optifit Fitting Step 8

Step 8

Take top cups at straps and pull them up as you stand.

Optifit Fitting Step 9

Step 9

Shake cups and make sure the bottom cups are full.

Optifit Fitting Step 10

Step 10

Reaffirm position by lifting the strap and dropping breast down to fill bottom cup.

Optifit Fitting Step 11

Step 11

The straps need to be long enough so as not to pull the back up. Always keep the back lower than the front.

Optifit Fitting Step 12

Step 12


  • Do Not

    Do not pull the front of the bra down that is a common mistake.

  • Do

    Pull up the centre bow to the lift the breast naturally.


Because Optifit is worn in a different position, your body will take time to adapt to your new, unfamiliar pressure points and altered posture. (particularly pressure to the front shoulders and side ribs). Initially, the bra may feel VERY TIGHT but, (as with new shoes) after 7 to 10 days you will adjust.

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