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Shades of Grey Bra

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Product Code: PRRESGIN
  • Smooth under cup
  • Sheer denier top cup with lace overlay
  • Secure and contained, full cup support
  • Padded Shoulder straps (optional)
  • Cushioned back fasteners for extra comfort
  • Machine Washable

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2 reviews for Shades of Grey Bra

  1. Jane Hubble

    I love that Optifit bras are made to measure and provide support without wires. I’ve always been large in the bust. Over the years I have put on weight and have poor posture exacerbated by my heavy bosom. I hate tight clothes generally and have always found bras something of a trial -very unfortunate given that I really do need to wear one! Optifit are by far the most comfortable for me. They elevate my bust and somehow it doesn’t feel so weighty and because I am supported, I can cope with the necessary firmness of the fit. I cannot imagine wearing any other bra now. I would urge anyone who finds normal bras uncomfortable to give Optifit a try.

  2. Anne Reid

    My daughter had really struggled to find a bra that could accommodate her size and felt comfortable to wear. When she discovered Optifit she was absolutely delighted and could not stop raving about how comfortable and supportive she found Optifit bras to be.

    My bust is much smaller than my daughters. However, I have suffered from hiatus hernia, acid reflux and indigestion for many many years.

    During my last consultation, the specialist told me that my underwired bra was pressing against my chest and constricting my upper stomach, which was most likely exasperating my digestive problems and discomfit.

    The specialist also informed me that my poor posture was also exasperating the discomfort I had been experiencing. This is because my poor posture was putting pressure on the junction between my stomach and the esophagus, which was more than likely the cause of my acid reflux symptoms. The specialist therefore recommended getting fitted professionally for a non wired bra.

    As my daughter rated Optifit so highly, I decided to try an Optifit bra. I really can’t believe how better I have started to feel since I began wearing Optifit bras. Not only has the pain and discomfort caused by my hiatus hernia eased, but my overall posture has improved too because of the Optifit bra.

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