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Active Nude Bra

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Product Code: PRACNUIN
  • Perfect for daywear , work & Sport
  • Secure and contained, full cup support
  • Padded Shoulder straps and cushioned back fasteners for extra comfort
  • Machine Washable

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Our Active range is perfect for daywear, work and sport.  It has a secure, contained and full cup support.  It also provides extra comfort with its padded shoulder straps and cushioned back fasteners.

4 reviews for Active Nude Bra

  1. Steph archer

    Can’t live without optifit now!! Got my first one a couple of years ago. As a large busted girl wires were agony for years then I came across the bra spa quite by accident. I ordered my measure but as it wasn’t a million miles away I jumped on the train and visited the shop. I was made very welcome and came away with my first bra and ordered more. I have ordered more since they wash and wear very well. Wires were a nightmare for years but no more I’m very happy and will order more as required. Thanks bra spa, you’ve made a chesty lady very happy not to mention painfree.

  2. Cathy Welch

    have struggled with bras for years mostly having wires digging in under my arms. When I got one that fit a few weeks later the wires would pop through. I then discovered Optifit and all that has changed. Have been wearing my new bra for a week and the shape it gives me is great. It is so comfortable and I think my posture has improved. I have large breasts and I am overweight and normally have aching shoulders and back and straps used to slip off all the time. This is now improving and I would recommend anyone to give Optifit a try.

  3. Selina Reid

    July 18 at 9:07pm

    I measure a UK 36L. I was turned away by most bra shops “specialising” in larger cup sizes and told sorry we don’t have anything big enough for you. How embarrassing! I was squeezing into largest size bras I could buy on the web and they didn’t fit me properly. I was wearing two or three tops at one time to minimise the look of my ‘quadraboobs’ because the cups were too small. I wore the band as tight as possible because the weight of boobs caused the back band to ride up but this created horrible bulges of back-fat. And I had huge “side boob” where the cup was too small and my boob hung over the cup because there was a massive gap between the strap and my breast. I looked horrendous. But even worse than how it looked was how it felt. I was so uncomfortable. Every bra I had cut into me under my boobs and created sores. The underwires poked and rubbed into my underarms. The straps left huge indents in my shoulders and cut into my flesh. I finally reached my limits about 3 weeks ago, when the weather was really hot. I could not leave my house wearing 2 or 3 tops in 28 degree heat! But I was so ashamed of how I looked wearing a single tshirt because of my quadraboobs and bulges of back fat on show. Then someone recommended Optifit – an independent UK bra specialist which provides the widest size range in the industry AND every bra is wire-free! They most amazing and comfortable bra I have ever worn. I was a real skeptic because the bras don’t have underwires, so how could the bra possibly provide enough support for my 36L boobs! But it provides amazing support. And it is unbelievably comfortable! Now I don’t have quadraboobs or back-fat and I can wear close fitting tops without feeling ashamed. Which is much cooler in 28 degree heat! And it was only £50. WORTH EVERY PENNY. and I don’t have many pennies! The owner of the business is a genius. She told me from just looking at my boobs that she could tell that I suffer pain in the right hand side of my neck, my left hip and right knee. I thought ‘How do you know that? Are you an psychic?’. I was astounded. But she explained how wearing the wrong size bra causes so many problems for our health. It’s been weird wearing the bras as it’s gradually correcting my posture, so my bum and shoulder muscles have been hurting slightly, as the new bra stops me from slouching due to the weight of my boobs and it forcing me to stand up straighter. And to top it all off …. my boobs look about 5 sizes smaller when I’m wearing it! It’s been a saving grace! I didn’t think a bra could change me life but it has! I was so close to resorting to a breast reduction. I don’t want any other big boobed ladies to feel how I felt. If you told me a bra would change my life … I wouldn’t have believed it. But it has! I feel so much more confident and comfortable.

  4. Linda

    I am a 75year old woman.l have always had ‘a full bust’,with a small back.Many years and much money has been spent searching for a comfortable bras,giving a good shape.A few years ago l saw an advertisement for OPTIFITBRA it has changed my life.All the research done by Sue has provided me with exactly what l want,no more slipping shoulder straps,no more bones sticking in,just a comfortable garment giving me a good shape,just what I have wanted from being 12years old.Thanks Sue for OPTIFITBRA.

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