A Bra fit for Yoga

We enclose a testimonial form a Yoga instructor who found the optifit bra perfect for her needs.  Read on:

I hope you have time to read this as I know you are inundated with orders from women like myself desperate to feel comfortable with what we’ve got rather than want surgery to remove these great weights.

I received my bra just as I was about to leave to teach my yoga class and was almost late because I wanted to put it on – which I did without reading the instructions, there and then, by the front door!

Well I had to walk very fast one mile to class so as not to be late,  expecting to feel bouncy and uncomfortable with no metal – but no, I felt light and free and well contained as if I had no size G.

In our mirrored studio I thought I had lost weight.   Apart from my bust I am not overweight but usually look as if I have back fat because of having to hitch up straps and wear bras  tight to hold me up .   Today – none.  Smooth back befitting my size 10.   I was ashamed of my vanity as I kept looking at myself in the studio mirrors.

Today we did sun salutatuon which is very bendy and stretchy, forward bends then lifting the arms up high, hanging over and back bending.  What a test, not a movement to my bra or bust.   Final test – normally my boobs end up around my face whilst demonstrating shoulder stand and having to talk through it is very muffled!!  Bust stayed in place even upside down and I didn’t need to adjust myself while no one was looking.  

I have taught three classes today, my shoulders and back are comfortable.   With no underwire I feel I could wear it in bed.   No rucking underneath.   I even look perky which at 64 is not expected.

Tonight I have taken it off and followed the 12 steps and it is even more comfortable.  

I can’t wait for tomorrow and see how it is at Tumble Tots with my 2 year old granddaughter needing to be hauled over ladders, pulled through tunnels, shown how to crawl on her tummy and cuddled when there are tears.

Sorry, I don’t normally go on like this but big busts are no fun and very matronly at my age – not any more.

Thank you.

May I please order my next one.


Posted on Sunday, May 15th, 2016 in News

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