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Active White Bra

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Product Code: PRACWHIN
  • Perfect for daywear , work & Sport
  • Secure and contained, full cup support
  • Padded Shoulder straps and cushioned back fasteners for extra comfort
  • Machine Washable

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You will receive your Optimeasure direct to your door on completing your order.

You can then update your bespoke measurements on our website, and your bra will be custom made to fit for you.

Price promise – if you are not happy we will refund your money within 28 days.

Further Information

Read our Fitting guide and the Optifitbra benefits.


Our Active range is perfect for daywear, work and sport.  It has a secure, contained and full cup support.  It also provides extra comfort with its padded shoulder straps and cushioned back fasteners.

2 reviews for Active White Bra

  1. Nicola Jane Clara Heffernan

    Met Pat and the Team at the Curvy Fashion Festival in Liverpool – they are very professional and made the custom measurement so easy, ordering was simple and loved getting my purple package in the post! These ladies really know there stuff and are passionate about what they do. Cannot recommend the Optifit Bra enough – no under wire = no bits to pock into you, rub or leave marks. Although a bit strange to wear at first as it is worn lower down your back, it is a relief to have a lovely shape… and you actually look and feel great when you are rounded up and pointed in the right direction! Thanks Ladies

  2. Shahnaz Hussain

    Optifit has made a huge difference for me. I was resigned to the deep indentations in my shoulders; the sheer weight that they were attempting to hold up. This was an ongoing problem all of my adult life and I just tried to cover up as best I could. The Optifit has changed all of that. Before, I had neck and shoulder pain and sometimes back pain but with Optifit this all ended with shoulders being pushed back instead of pulled down which took all the pressure off the shoulders and neck with support across the back and opened up my chest cavity so that my lungs now have space to open up and I can breathe more naturally. But most important of all I feel properly supported and this has made my confidence bloom!
    It will take a week or so to adjust to the very different positioning of the Optifit and there is some tightness in your ribs as the day wears on but the body does adjust as it adapts to the new correct posture and breathing. I had to watch my bad habits didn’t creep back such as slouching and wanting the Optifit to move into the old position I was used to so I had to be be especially vigilant to check the Optifit 2 to 3 times a day. The golden rule is never pull down at the front! Instead pull up, roll over and pull down at the back and the Optifit stays in position.
    The price of the Optifit is a bargain for a custom made product. I found the pre and aftercare service was excellent. Sue from the Optifit team is extremely dedicated and committed. If at all possible, try to go to the Optifit shop in person to be measured and fitted by Sue. It is very definitely worth it and if you find you are quite a distance away then consider visiting the village of Uppermill where Optifit is located as a tourist. Uppermill is nestled in lush green hills on the borders of rural Yorkshire and Dovestone Reservoir is just down the road!

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